Our roots began in construction and nuclear projects. What we do today goes more beyond.

We integrate engineering and procurement services into practical solutions for single households, production and infrastructure facilities of any size and kind. We create global relevance and apply a personal approach.  We believe that you deserve top-notch quality service, which we aim to provide.

We do not just offer products the ordinary way. Our strategy is to make you feel like you are in a physical store and you could virtually touch the product and have all estimating means at hand. The range of products we offer is standardized and any item out there goes with its characteristics alongside, thus making your choice easier. Even if you only visit our website to get more insight for a particular product and then sign out, this will indicate that our strategy is successful. To us, the most trivial item deserves the level of scrutiny applied to the fancy stuff.      

It is our ambition to provide you with state of the art smart home apps so that your home looks and feels great.

We value integrity, respect, innovation and success and take pride in being an open, interconnected, human-scale company. A fun workplace, which is satisfying, inclusive, motivating and safe. 

We engage with the communities in which we live and we actively contribute to causes that benefit them. 

We care – for the planet, for your project, for your home, for you. 

Thanks for visiting us at www.gatsbymetals.com.