Smoke detector CYRUS Basic 9V white

№ 242101
Brand: Schrack Technik
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Smoke is registered by the smoke detector and the alarm is triggered in the very beginning of the fire, before the burst of flames. It is considered that these fire detectors are especially effective in closed premises where in normal conditions there is no smoke. This basic battery-operated smoke alarm is powered by a 9-volt battery (included), providing continuous protection even during power outages.

Installation tips

Install a smoke alarm device on the ceiling or wall inside each bedroom and in the hallway outside each separate sleeping area. If a bedroom area hallway is more than 30 feet long, install a smoke alarm device at each end. If there is a basement: install a smoke alarm device on the basement ceiling at the bottom of the stairwell.

Do Not Install Smoke alarm devices in the Following Places:

1: Near appliances or areas where normal combustion Regularly occurs (kitchens, near furnaces, hot water heaters). Use specialized smoke alarm device with unwanted alarm control for this areas.

2: In areas with high humidity, like bathrooms or areas near dishwashers or washing machines. Install al least 10feet away from these areas.

3: Near air returns or heating and cooling supply vents. Install at least 3 feet away from these areas. The air could blow smoke away from the detector, interrupting its alarm.

4: In rooms where temperatures may fall below 0℃ or rise above 40℃, or in humidity higher than 93%. These conditions will reduce battery life or cause a fault alarm.

5: In extremely dusty, dirty, or insect – infested areas influence particles interfere with smoke alarm device operation.

Low Battery Monitor

This alarm has a low battery monitor which will cause the alarm to “chirp” approx every 32 seconds and the red LED flash once at the same time for a minimum of thirty days when the battery gets low.


Due to the loudness (85 decibels) of the alarm, Always stand an arms-length away from the unit when testing. Test the alarm weekly to ensure proper operation. 

Technical Parameters

Net height 33mm
Net diameter 90mm
Net weight 0.14kg
Series CYRUS
Packaging units 1 pc
Manufacturer Code:
Standard :
EN 14604 Smoke alarm devices

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